Slovak CASE 2016

We will discuss the parliamentary elections in Slovakia, with election day on March 5. In my opinion Slovakia the last five years has changed significantly. Then there were more national, local features, more factors of Slovak identity. Now it is “washed” and “aligned” with European culture. That was less than the national service, even stores…


Within ODESSA SMART FORUM 2015 Denis Bogush has presented system “The Power of land”

April 29, the day of discovery Odessa Smart Forum ‘ Denis Bogush presented his lecture¬† path of search and creation of new elite of Ukraine. There was presented new elite system of education elaborated under the leadership of Denis Bogush.

Research of public opinion in Lviv region

February 10, 2015 in the premises of the UNIAN was carried on a press-conference on “Sociological Research: socio-political situation in Lviv and Lviv region.” The press conference was attended by Rostislav Melnik – Chairman of Foundation; Denis Bogush – President of the Agency’s strategic consulting Bohush Communications.


Denis Bogush made a presentation of the educational system “Power of land” to the Heads of Regional Services for Children and Families of Kyiv Regional State Administration

Outdoor seminar of Services for Children and Families was held in Kyiv region sanatorium “Gonchari” in Bohuslav. In addition to the basic presentation of the fundamental principles of the new educational system “Power of land”, Denis Bogush during a meeting of experts discussed current issues of ¬†patriotic education of ukrainian youth. Especially were elaborated on…


The Impact of Euromaidan on Image of Ukraine

February 11, 2014 an international roundtable “The impact of Euromaidan on image of Ukraine” was held. The event was organized by PR agency Bohush Communications, Analytical Center “Politics” and the Center of Social Research “Ukrainian meridian”. The roundtable was attended by the head of PR agency Bohush Communications Denis Bogush, Director of the Academic Center…