Strategic uncertainty of “Ukraine project”

The position of Ukraine nowadays can be described as “strategic uncertainty”. Not mostly regarding to the state on itself, but more likely “Ukraine project”. In the context of “Ukraine project” paradigm any tactical moves undertaken by new authorities should be based on definition of the markers of future country’s strategy. Naturally, on the one hand,…


Press conference

«Investment image and climate of Ukraine»

30.03.2010, 11:00, Ukranews, Kyiv

Denis Bohush, Bohush Communications

Petro Koshukov, Ukrainian Professional Association of Investment “ProInvest”

Rostislav Lukach, The State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations

Investment image and climate of Ukraine

200 countries are engaged in competition with each other in the world competitive environment. All these countries compete for investment flows to be redirected to their economies. Ukraine is also trying to attract foreign investment for economic growth. This is also an important part of investment projects concerned with Poland and Ukraine Soccer Euro 2012…


Doing Business Western Style!

11th of August 2009. The American recruiting company “Vitaver & Associates, Inc.” presents an open seminar on the topics:


Profile of informational special operations “Anti NATO” in Ukraine

Denis Bohush for Ukrainska Pravda I’ve read the article “American pr-specialists of Yanukovich found a new job in Ukraine”  with interest. Very interesting article, both from the point of view of the special analysis, and laugh from “unfortunate manipulators”. To make the American institute in Ukraine for “anti NATO” campaign is a fresh idea. When there are open statements…